Elise’s Story

I would just like to take this moment to thank you and Yellowball Foundation for all your support in providing sponsored help for Elise. Although Elise has been living with warring, drug using parents for the vast majority of her life it has still been very difficult for her to understand and come to terms with life outside of this environment. Yellowball Foundation and FFS (Fit For Sport) have helped to ease the pressure during this transitional period. The structured days and enjoyment of playing with children her own age in a safe environment has helped to boost her confidence, improve her fitness levels and raise her general mood and well-being of which I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude. We are hoping that this structure and increased confidence will translate into improvements in her schooling. After missing 20% of school last year, along with her shy nature and home life, her grades were well below what they should be at 7 years of age.

Going forward I am unsure on what will be decided for Elise’s future, whether her parents will ever be in a position to look after her again, or whether she will be permanently homed elsewhere. Court reconvenes in December and hopefully by then there will be more clarity on her care plan. I  also hope that the generosity shown by yourselves is the first step on a journey towards a brighter future for Elise and, although it in no way equals your assistance, I will, with some trepidation for the gruelling climb event you have planned, provide my services in helping your fundraising, so others too can benefit in the way Elise has.

Thanks again,


(Confidentiality restricts Yellowball Foundation from printing surnames and company names mentioned in the above case study).